1.        What is BrandFace?

A new generation video-sharing platform that enables amateur and professional video producers to publish their creativity and rewards them based on their success. Platform where the users can enjoy their time also exposes the new talents for the brands to explore.

2.        Where Can I Get More Information From?

To get more information about the platform and the format, you can visit Mr.OK’s account and check the videos. For other enquiries, you can drop an email to

3.        How to Upload a Video?

Via Web: Click the “UPLOAD VIDEO” button to upload your video that you prepared in advance and fill the required areas to complete the process.

4.        What Should Be The Video Format?

The videos you uploaded can be in any format. To get more support, please send the screenshots of the problems or the error notification you have come across with to

5.          What is the Maximum Tag Number I Can Choose?

If you have uploaded a branded video, tag a brand and up to 3 to 10 tags afterwards. Tags get controlled and edited by the moderation team to reflect the best of the videos. We suggest you to choose the right tags for your video.

6.   What is Stage?

The competition area where the 8 of the most creative users’ video of the week chosen by Mr.OK compete with each other to reach the awards. Stage gets regenerated by Mr.OK every Monday at 00.00 and videos compete till Sunday 17.00. Whilst the most-liked video of the week gets 750 TL, the most creative video chosen by Mr.OK gets 250 TL. In total 1.000 TL award is given every week.

7.  What Topics Can the Videos Cover? - Are Brands Compulsory?

Videos can be about anything with the condition of authenticity, preferably creative videos. Uploaded videos go through confirmation process to get published. Brands are not compulsory, although, stage videos are preferably branded videos.

8.  Why My Video Was Rejected?

We would like to align the reasons of rejected videos as:

  • Inappropriate Content
  • Stock Image/Video Useage
  • Technical Error
  • Insufficient Display/Sound Quality

9.  How Do Stage Videos Get Chosen?

BrandFace Moderation Team watches all the videos to eliminate the most creative ones and send them to Mr.OK. The evaluation is done by Mr.OK every week with his criteria.

10.        When Does the Winner of the Week Become Definite?

BrandFace users can see the current standings instantly. The winner will be appeared on the table continuously. Although, to announce the winner of the week from our platform as well as from the other social media channels, technical team might work for a day or two to check everything is clear.

11. Is There Any Chance for the Old Videos to Get Chosen?

BrandFace Stage videos can be chosen from the last week as well as the previous weeks.

12.        Is There Any Chance for a Video to Go Up On the Stage for the Second Time?

There is no such chance for any video. Although, any user can go up on the stage more than once in the forthcoming weeks

13.        What Happens to a Video’s Inıtial Likes/Points on the Stage?

The points starts from zero when a video goes up on the stage. Stage videos compete for a week and the points are demonstrated on the standings (table).

14.        I Won, When Do I Receive the Cheque?

After the results came out, BrandFace Team reaches the winners via e-mail to get the contact information. In 1-2 weeks cheques are delivered to the winners’ addresses. Winners need to send photos to and upload a thank you video to the system so BrandFace Team can share on other social media platforms. Award payment takes 1-3 weeks after social media sharing.

15.        I Want to Shoot a Social Responsibility Video, Are the Rules the Same?

Social Responsibility videos are treated the same. You can tag brandface whilst uploading the video and the related tags based on your video.

16.  How and Why Videos Get Eliminated?

    BrandFace Technical Team analyzes the stage videos after the week is over. In the event of any fake account approach or other hacking methods, users get eliminated. BrandFace has the right to decide who gets eliminated. Mr.OK, if he think it is needed, explains the situation from his account. If the points of a video are manipulated by some other users then analyses gets re-evaluated. For further information users can reach BrandFace Team via