BrandFace, with a unique format in the whole wide world, is a video platform rewarding creativity. The format, inspired from the TV world, brings the digital world together to value the social media users. A fact within this platform to emphasize is enabling BrandFacers making-money directly!

The platform is seizing the social media opportunities and with a certain global goal, comes forward to deliver the creative minds for everyone with a rewarding approach.

It is noteworthy to put into words that BrandFace has been embodied by its users. The platform, now, consists of users trying to be an actor, a director or focusing on video effects to show their creativity. Moreover, whether you want to be an audience or to participate with your production, BrandFace network is where you can spend time in pleasure.

While enabling video-producers to come together with the brands to demonstrate their talents, BrandFace will be sharing plenty of its assets with the brands including user-generated content, hidden talents and especially the chance to interpret new generations’ consuming habits.

Among all the new generation video platforms, BrandFace is the only platform to support your talent-development and valuing your creativity. Join the network to explore yourself - enjoy the most-authentic videos - produce and make money!