It all began back in 2010. 

Our founder wanted to offer a campaign idea to P&G just before the second interview for a promising position.


Those days, celebrities were still dominating being the ‘faces’ for brands.

Considering the fact that they were not ‘really’ using the brand / product, he never embraced the ‘feeling’ the celebrities deliver to the consumers.


He wanted to talk with them not to them, and he wanted to co-create with them;

“Why don’t we ask consumers to share their experiences about our brands?”

“Why our brands matter to them?”

“Do we really help, easen their daily routines?”

Well, that’s what brands stand for don’t they?


The job wasn’t given to him, luckily, but he loved the approach to explore the real #ConsumerExperience, then collect and distribute it all around.


At first, BrandFace was formed and developed as a TV format until 2014 which aimed to reflect the genuineness and the reality of people’s lives. 

However, the social media dominance, the speed of the internet, the value of short videos and people’s self-esteem to share their daily routines has changed the whole game.


The advertisement industry has seen a great shift for the last 5 years. Noteworthy to point out that, it has been a noisy world and capturing consumers’ attention within content push is harder than ever. Everyone is trying, at least thinking of becoming an influencer, making money out of their online presence. To reflect the best of what we have witnessed in the last 10 years;

Celebrities > Phenomenons > Influencers > Micro-Influencers > Crowd

This shift has given us new faces, new creators and too much content playing around the internet.

Given the limited time of capturing consumers’ attention, it takes only 1.7 seconds for a user to Skip Ad.


So what would be the approach for a brand to make the bond, build loyalty, especially with the new generation?


What is the right content for the right segment?

Which content is right for that brand?

Who will create the content - who will distribute it?


Marketing Leadership has pointed out a few highlights within the last year that will impact the whole advertisement industry.

With great respect;

Unilever ex-CMO, Keith Weed stated last year at Cannes Lions, “Largest Advertisers looking for Micro-Influencers.”

Mastercard CMO, Raja Rajamannar warned brands fiercely, “Consumers are telling brands > I don’t want your stupid ads.”

P&G’s Chief Brand Officer, Marc Pritchard at CES 2018, told delegates “Marketers should start thinking about a world with no ads.”


BrandFace was born due to lack of authenticity. 

The idea is to reach the ‘real’ data that consumers can share. 

This is the data that did not exist before.

And the only way to extract this data, is to #CoCreate with the consumers.


BrandFace, with its unique concept, is the one and only video sharing platform that rewards creativity. 

It has been developed by our founder and the team he formed up who believes in the future of creativity, #HumanCapacity.

It has been developed as video sharing platform to help brands reach authentic and co-created video content.


It is time to empower consumers, it is time to co-create, it is time for BrandFace.


Why don’t you?

* Spend your time well

* Show your creativity and 

* Earn money in 29 seconds!


We are BrandFace > #BrandofOtherBrands

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